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Rainburn’s ‘Resignify’ Redefines The Indie Progressive Rock Genre

Captivating vocals, beautiful harmonies and a complex weave of astounding music to top it all off. These are some of the things one ought to come across when experiencing the new EP ‘Resignify’ released by Rainburn. This Bangalore based progressive rock band returns with yet another collection of tracks that are set to wow the audience with their uniqueness and musical prowess. Considered to be a continuation of sorts to their previous album ‘Insignify’, the band claims that “while Insignify was about looking for purpose within and beyond the realms of insecurity and narcissism, Resignify is about assigning new meaning to those themes.” This 5-track EP is replete with influences from different genres and music from different eras. As the album progresses, every song has something new to offer, something that the audience will not be expecting.

The band has managed to narrate a short story of the unpleasing circularity of life and how the protagonist introduced in their previous album is a year older and wiser now and is coming to terms with the fact that humans are shackled to this never-ending façade of loss and broken hearts. To complement this theme of a never-ending circle, the band bookends the EP with ‘Suicide Note’, starting with ‘Alive in Black’ then finishing with ‘Fading into White’, making use of the two monochromatic colours to display the monotony and insignificance of it all.

Rainburn has always managed to stay true to its roots in terms of musicality and live performances. Ever since their inception in 2011, they have established themselves as a hard-hitting, technically proficient progressive rock band. As the years passed on by and they evolved their sound and their own musical prowess, they have managed to hold on to their originality by managing to coalesce western progressive rock with Indian classical inputs to create a fusion of beautiful, melodious songs that is accompanied by moody, mellifluous vocals to top it all off.

Hear the album below:

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